Poble Espanyol, a landmark venue where the architectural splendor from a time it’s reproduced nowadays into an open air architectural museum. Bòria Barcelona restaurant is placed just right in the main square of  Pueblo Español. With over a decade of experience with countless memories our restaurant joins different clients willing to choose and enjoy an excellent combination between leisure and gastronomy.

The Barcelona Rice Restaurant with free entrance to Poble Espanyol

Without doubt our origin certainly is the Mediterranean sea and our biggest challenge is the “Arrocería Restaurant” cooking authentic Spanish Paellas. With sacrifice an truly will the restaurant has become one of the few restaurants specialized in authentic Paellas / rices in Barcelona. Today, our team led by Ignasi Martí, the owner and first cook in Paella’s / rices enjoy great recognition to their efforts and ongoing work.

Foto Nasi

Our commitment is to innovate with different kinds of rice’s / Paella recipes  without changing its natural features and creating new culinary trends that allow to have our personal brand of making Paellas.

“…the art of making authentic Paella”

Ignasi Martí Gumà